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SugarCRM & Roster Manager

For use with: SugarCRM & Roster Manager

About the User: this project was commissioned by a client that provides security, facilities management, environmental protection and recruitment services to business and government bodies throughout the UK. They had previously comissioned us to integrate Roster Manager with Swiftpage ACT! but in an effort to improve the contact management tasks within the business had decided to migrate to SugarCRM.

Project Brief: to modify the previously commissioned Roster Manager and Swiftpage ACT! integration to work with SugarCRM instead.


  • Reading Site, Main Contact and Alternative Contact information from the Roster Manager database.
  • Writing Company and Contact information to the SugarCRM database via the SOAP web services.
  • The ability to run the software manually or scheduled to automatically update the information between systems.
  • Numerous configuration options to define which columns are shown on the User-interface grid and which fields from SQLBase are mapped to which fields in SugarCRM, etc.
  • Inherent flexibility to be reconfigured to work with ‘any’ SQLBase database.


  • Quick, easy and accurate update of Company and Contact information in SugarCRM from the data in any SQLBase database.
  • Considerable amount of time saved because Company and Contact information no longer needs to be double-entered.
  • Improved data accuracy and risk of human error eliminated through systemised solution.
  • Options for automatic execution of the application so that information can be updated regularly on a daily, hourly or other frequency scheduled basis.
  • Significant flexibility within the Configuration options to allow easy modification of settings for field mappings yourself, i.e. without having to return to us, the developer, to make changes.

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