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Hilltops IT Consultancy Services Ltd is the software development team behind the ConnectIt product suite. We’re a warm and friendly bunch. We work hard and enjoy the challenges of developing new and innovative business software solutions. We are driven to find the best solutions for your business, and where they’re not available ‘off the shelf’, we’re able to provide very cost-effective software development services to meet your businesses requirements.

Most of the development we do uses Microsoft technologies - Visual Studio, SQL Server, .net, Access, Excel, etc - mainly .net, Visual Basic, C#, T-SQL, ASP, HTML, plus java, XML, CSS where required. We have a proven track record for delivering high quality, cost-effective software solutions for business either from the ground up or integrating / enhancing ‘off the shelf’ packages, such as those listed as part of the ConnectIt product suite.

Thank you for your interest in us and our software. We believe that using our software will bring great benefits to your business, as it already has done with many others, and look forward to working with you soon.

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