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For use by:

  • Businesses planning to move from one software system to another.
  • Businesses that want to retain easy access to the data that was held within their legacy system.
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Software Migration

Over the years, we have migrated many businesses from one software system to another. Some of these migrations have been less elegant ‘brute force’ migrations - shoe-horning the data in for a one-off migration. Others have been far more elegant, often using a configuration profile of our ConnectIt Professional software in order to do a draft migration, and then tweak before providing a final transfer of the data.

Some of the more elegant (and very re-useable) examples of software database migrations that we have in our portfolio include:

  • MSCRM Quote Module to QuoteWerks - uses several queries on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SQL Server database to transfer the Quote, Accounts and Quote Item information into QuoteWerks (either Microsoft Access or SQL Server database formats).
  • Logosoft Roster Manager to ACT! - uses several queries on the Logosoft Roster Manager Gupta SQLBase database to create Companies and Contacts in ACT! via the API.
  • iSell ITQuoter to QuoteWerks - uses a number of Views to extract data from the iSell ITQuoter SQL Server database to create Quote and Order Documents in QuoteWerks (either Microsoft Access or SQL Server database formats).
  • In-House build Access Database Systems - similar to the above, using a series of queries to read the data from the Microsoft Access database into QuoteWerks and/or ACT! and/or Sage 50/200.

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