QuoteWerks and OpenAI ChatGPT integration

For use by:

  • Any business that uses QuoteWerks.
  • QuoteWerks users that would like to improve the quality of their quotations.
  • Users that would like to produce quotations with less effort.
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The ConnectIt-Assist software integrates QuoteWerks and OpenAI ChatGPT; seamlessly sending user-entered and/or QuoteWerks document information and returning results from your preferred ChatGPT text model in just a few clicks.


  • Faster quote production by leveraging the OpenAI ChatGPT platform to semi-automate the authoring of lengthy proposals.
  • Better quality quote production by eliminating inevitable typos and mistakes with grammar and punctuation, etc.
  • Produce more customer-friendly quotes by having OpenAI ChatGPT translate very technical detailed information into a language that your non-technical customer will understand.
  • Produce more tailored quotes by having OpenAI ChatGPT translate all or parts of your quote into a foreign language.


  • Enables the QuoteWerks user to modify selected details on their quote with just a few clicks. Choose specific fields to work with or process a number of Line Items all at once.
  • Saves the QuoteWerks user from copy/pasting information between software (like Microsoft Word) to check spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Control the creativeness and verbosity of OpenAI ChatGPTs responses. These settings may be set as a default and/or modified each time you ask a question or request a response. You can also choose which OpenAI Chat model you would prefer to interact with.
  • Intuitive and user friendly. Just click the menu option from the QuoteWerks Tools menu to open the ConnectIt-Assist interface.
  • Many configuration options so that ConnectIt will work to suit your business requirements.
  • Supports QuoteWerks v4.0 build 17 to v23.0 build 5.13 Standard, Professional and Corporate editions.


When we asked ChatGPT what it thought the benefits of a QuoteWerks and OpenAI ChatGPT integration might be, it offered us the following response...

QuoteWerks is a specialized software for creating, editing, and managing quotations and proposals. Integrating QuoteWerks with ChatGPT or any other conversational AI model offers several potential benefits:

  1. Automated Quotation Assistance: ChatGPT can help users navigate through the QuoteWerks software by answering questions about its features and providing step-by-step assistance in creating quotations.
  2. Enhanced Customer Interaction: When integrated on a website or in a CRM, ChatGPT can interact with potential customers to gather their requirements and instantly provide them with a quotation using QuoteWerks.
  3. Data Entry Automation: Users can converse with ChatGPT, describing the products or services they need, and the AI can fill out the QuoteWerks forms accordingly, reducing manual data entry.
  4. 24/7 Support: A ChatGPT-bot can provide round-the-clock support for basic questions regarding quotations, pricing, or even product details, reducing the need for human intervention during non-business hours.
  5. Training and Onboarding: New employees or users of QuoteWerks can interact with ChatGPT to understand the platform's functionalities and features, speeding up the onboarding process.
  6. Up-selling and Cross-selling: Based on the conversation with the customer, ChatGPT can suggest additional products or services that might be relevant, thus maximizing sales opportunities.
  7. Error Reduction: AI can prompt users with suggestions or reminders based on common best practices, ensuring that quotations are accurate and complete.
  8. Personalized User Experience: ChatGPT can tailor its responses based on the history and preferences of the user, making the quotation process more intuitive and user-friendly.
  9. Multi-language Support: With its language capabilities, ChatGPT can assist users in multiple languages, broadening the reach of the QuoteWerks platform to a global audience.
  10. Feedback Collection: Post-quotation, ChatGPT can engage with customers to collect feedback, which can be valuable for improving products, services, and the quotation process.
  11. Integration with Other Systems: If QuoteWerks is integrated with other systems (like CRM or ERP), ChatGPT can pull or push data between them to provide more comprehensive assistance, e.g., checking stock levels or updating customer records.

It's important to note that while ChatGPT can provide several advantages, human oversight remains crucial. There will always be complex scenarios, questions, or decisions that require human judgment. Integrating QuoteWerks with ChatGPT should be seen as a tool to enhance efficiency and user experience rather than a complete replacement of human interaction.

While some of those points aren’t relevant to the use-case we are fulfilling with this version of the integration software, I think that you’ll agree that it makes some very compelling arguments as to why it may be of use to you and your business. Let us know your thoughts by contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you!


We’re offering an early-adopter price of £275 GBP (or $385 USD) for the integration which is for a site license (i.e. all QuoteWerks Users) for 1 year’s use of the integration and includes online installation and configuration services with one of our support team. Optional training and on-going support is also available and we can support you with both the integration as well as QuoteWerks, QuoteValet, etc.

The on-going cost for the integration will be £175 GBP (or $245/year) renewable in advance on the anniversary of the initial installation, and we’ll honour that price for all early-adopters in perpetuity.

For a quotation in alternative currency, please contact us.


If you already have (or would like to subscribe to) a support contract for your ConnectIt product, please contact us.

If you would like help installing or setting up your ConnectIt software, then please see this page.

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