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  • Businesses requiring assistance to roll out a piece of software to their users.
  • Businesses wanting their employees to receive comprehensive training on the applications that they use day-to-day.
  • Businesses wanting their employees to work more efficiently through better us of the applications that they use day-to-day.
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Depending on the size of the solution we are delivering for you, deployment can take a few hours or it may be a few days. Our commited implementation team is flexible and understands the need for a business to minimise any system down-time that might be involved.

As part of the deployment exercise, we will firstly plan and prioritise the process before we install the software, migrate your legacy data* and finally take you through exactly what has taken place. If circumstances dictate, then evenings or weekends can be planned in to avoid your normal business hours and ensure that disruption is minimised.

* When migrating legacy data, initially integrating your software systems can identify problems with, for example, unmatched details different data sources.Note that we would expect to achieved an understanding of the workload involved here during the analysis phase and trials done during the testing phase - the impact of migrating data should not come as an unexpected part of this stage!!!


We know that there’s no one defined way to train, so we’ll work with you to design suitable courses for your users. Whether it’s technical training, user training (from any level), train the trainer or just some User Guides you need.

For initial formal half and full-day training sessions, we are flexible on where training takes place - courses can take place at your offices, our offices or we can arrange offsite facilities to avoid distractions. For ongoing training, for new employees or if all you need is a quick refresher on a specific area of the software, then we can arrange an online course using screen sharing technology.

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