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ConnectIt-Workflow is a group of modules to enhance the QuoteWerks user’s experience of using the QuoteWerks sales quoting software.

Quotewerks Add-On Modules Available

  • Document Open Utility - facilitates fast and easy advanced searching of the QuoteWerks database for documents.
  • Document Split Module - manages part-ordering or part-invoicing from QuoteWerks and removes manual duplication of documents.
  • Find & Replace Utility - search the current QuoteWerks Document for a piece of text and replace it with another.
  • Line Item Sort - as the name suggests, allows the User to sort Line Items on the Document by any column.
  • Post Lock Updates - allows ‘any’ Document Header field to be modified even though the Document has been locked.
  • Request For Quote Module - provides additional screens and functionality to make requesting up-to-date vendor pricing very easy from the QuoteWerks user interface.
  • Revision Updates - allows configuration to modify ‘any’ Document Header field with a value from another Document Header field or specific value when a Document is revised.
  • Validation Module - manages entries on a QuoteWerks document to ensure that the QuoteWerks user has entered all the required information at each step of sales order processing.

Is the solution you need to enhance your use of QuoteWerks listed? If not, then contact the ConnectIt Development Team; we may well have a work-in-progress solution! If not, then we’ll be happy to consider you request and see how we can cost-effectively build your requirements into the ConnectIt-Workflow QuoteWerks business process management solution.

Key Benefits of ConnectIt-Workflow

  • Seamless enhancements of the QuoteWerks user experience in packaged software products.
  • Capabilites to make your QuoteWerks document creation and sales / purchase ordering processes even quicker.
  • Standard Windows installation packages with user-friendly configuration screens, complete documentation, online 24/7 knowledgebase support...
  • ... all delivered from a well-established QuoteWerks software development team who are constantly innovating new ideas to fulfil your business software requirements.

Online Demos

These online demonstrations illustrate how, using the ConnectIt-Workflow software, users‘ benefit from the efficiencies the various modules and the unique ways of working with the QuoteWerks software introduce, along with how entries on a QuoteWerks document can be checked at each step of the document creation. This ensures that Users work as effectively as possible, that they adhere to the business process rules, and customers and suppliers receive complete, accurate information to minimise the need to resend documentation.

Please click on the player and images below to view the demonstration videos of the ConnectIt-Workflow software.

Demonstration Videos

ConnectIt-Workflow Find & Replace ConnectIt-Workflow Line Item Sort
ConnectIt-Workflow Post Lock Updates ConnectIt-Workflow Post Lock Updates, the Update Document option ConnectIt-Workflow Post Lock Updates, the Update Database option
Validating QUOTE Documents using the Validation module Validating ORDER Documents using the Validation module Validating INVOICE Documents using the Validation module

Training Videos

Configuration, ConnectIt and Advanced tab Configuration Validation module | Rules Overview Configuration Validation module | New Rules Setup
Configuration Validation module | Rules Wizard Step 1 Configuration Validation module | Rules Wizard Step 2 Configuration Validation module | Rules Wizard Step 3 Configuration Validation module | Rules Wizard Step 4 Configuration Validation module | Rules Wizard Step 5

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