QuoteWerks and Avalara AvaTax integration

For use by:

  • Any business that uses QuoteWerks and Avalara AvaTax.
  • QuoteWerks users that would like to quote accurate address and tax amounts.
  • Users that want to work with the two systems seamlessly.
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The ConnectIt-Avalara software integrates QuoteWerks and Avalara AvaTax; seamlessly sending document information and returning accurate address and tax information.

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  • Accurate address details for accurate tax calculations and courier delivery planning - couriers deliver the packages or staff / third parties attending the site to deliver a service will be able to find the place more easily.
  • Consistently formatted address details for clean, clear and consistent presentation - customers will recognise your attention to detail in producing their quote.
  • Accurate tax calculations setting complete and clear customer expectations, and also minimising queries at invoicing stage which could result in delays in you getting paid.
  • Accurate tax calculations saving work downstream in calculating it at order or invoicing stages. We use the world's leading tax calculation database and engine to ensure the integrity of what you are quoting.
  • Quick and efficient processing - once set up, then there's minimal additional effort required from Sales Reps in producing quotes.


  • Enables the QuoteWerks user to check the address information on a QuoteWerks document. The address information in QuoteWerks is accurate and consistently formatted. Also the four digit routing information is returned for accurate tax calculations and courier delivery planning.
  • Enables the QuoteWerks user to return accurate tax rate for a QuoteWerks document. Tax Rates based on the precise address location and not just the zip code.
  • Enables the QuoteWerks user to return accurate tax amount for a QuoteWerks document. Tax amount calculations based on the precise address location and not just the zip code.
  • Enables the QuoteWerks user to return accurate tax amount for a QuoteWerks document. With a valid Customer Code entered, if you have Avalara ECM (formerly CertCapture) then the calculation will factor any tax exemption certificates linked to the Customer into the tax calculation.
  • Saving the Tax Calculation as a Transaction in Avalara AvaTax (or not). ConnectIt supports sending the tax calculation as a Sales Invoice or Sales Order which then saves the information in Avalara as a Transaction or using it just for the calculation, then discarding it respectively.
  • Intuitive and user friendly. Just click the 'Resolve Address', 'Get Tax Rate' or 'Get Tax Amount' menu option from the QuoteWerks Tools menu and let ConnectIt do the rest.
  • Many configuration options so that ConnectIt will work to suit your business requirements.
  • Supports QuoteWerks v4.0 build 17 to v23.0 build 5.13 Standard, Professional and Corporate editions.
  • Calculation automation when the QuoteWerks User saves or prints the document (Corporate edition only).


We’re offering an early-adopter price of $500 USD for the integration which is for a site license (i.e. all QuoteWerks Users) for 1 year’s use of the integration and includes online installation and configuration services with one of our support team. Optional on-going support is also available and we can support you with both the integration as well as QuoteWerks, QuoteValet, etc.

The on-going cost for the integration will be $200/year renewable in advance on the anniversary of the initial installation, and we’ll honour that price for all early-adopters in perpetuity.

You can find ConnectIt-Avalara QuoteWerks and Avalara AvaTax integration software order form here. Thank you in advance for your order!

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