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For use by:

  • Businesses requiring software, database or website programming expertise.
  • Businesses requiring assistance to systematically test an application (or website) that they have had commissioned and delivered.
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The ConnectIt Software development team are trained in the use of modern technologies and programming tools as well as having a firm foundation of experience in accepted development methodologies.

Using Virtual Server and PC technology, we are able to provide a ‘clean’ environment to develop your software. This can mimic your own working environment, so that even while in the development phase we are considering how to minimise the technical issues that may occur when rolling out the software to your userbase. I.e. we are identifying and pre-empting environmental infrastructure issues before the software is even installed.

We’ll involve you in the development process as much as possible, identifying opportunities in the development schedule for you to see how the software is progressing. We find this a great way to identify any changes in your business or desired process from the Analysis / Design phases so that when the software gets to the production environment, it is exactly what you need.

If possible, we’ll identify points to deliver into the production environment. This has the advantage of your users getting in front of the software and providing valuable feedback.


Again, we will use Virtual Server and PC technology for testing to replicate your working environment to identify environmental issue before the software is installed in your offices. This also provides you with a familiar environment where you too can test the software before it gets to your office.

We use several key techniques to make sure that the software is delivered “fit for use”:

  • Functional – does it do what it’s supposed to?
  • Performance – does it produce the results you want in the time you want?
  • Integration – does it work with your existing systems?
  • Regression – ensuring that new features haven’t caused issues elsewhere
  • UAT – User Acceptance Testing – your chance to have a go!

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