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QuoteWerks HTML Email utility

For use with: QuoteWerks v4.0 build 17 to v23.0 build 5.13 Corporate edition

About the User: This project has been implemented with a number of different companies that sell products and services as diverse as IT hardware, promotional gifts and domestic / commercial flooring.

Project Brief: the various clients wanted a variety of enhancements to QuoteWerks out-of-the-box email features which would give them an easy way to manually send an HTML email which contains Line Item details to Customers and Suppliers, plus automated emails internally to report on business KPIs from QuoteWerks data and to Customers and Suppliers to chase orders or report on the Staus of Orders.

The screenshots below illustrate two simple examples of the Email Templates they use:

QuoteWerks Email utility Order Confirmation

QuoteWerks Email utility KPI report


  • Enables the QuoteWerks User to manually send an HTML email from a QuoteWerks Tools menu option.
  • Validation checks to ensure that the User has an appropriate Email Template for the current Document that they have open.
  • Enables HTML emails to be sent on a scheduled basis to a static or dynamic list of Customers, Suppliers and/or internal Users.
  • Allows placeholder macros to be used within the Email Template To, CC, BCC, Title and Body to insert QuoteWerks Document Header, Document Item, User amd Vendor (Supplier) details into the actual email that is sent.
  • Optionally allows the QuoteWerks Document PDF file to be automatically attached to the email.
  • Sending emails through Microsoft Outlook which may be previewed or simply sent straight away.
  • Configuration options to set QuoteWerks and Outlook details plus the destination of Log Files which record the process(es) taking place.


  • Offers greater flexibility and features not available from QuoteWerks out-of-the-box email.
  • Considerable time-saving as compared to manually preparing an email with details of the QuoteWerks Document.
  • Allows for inclusion of Document Items details within the emails sent.
  • Emails sent are saved into the User’s Outlook Sent Items folder and your Contact Manager (if one is integrated) for future reference.
  • The utility runs seamlessly from the QuoteWerks Tools menu so the User experience is that they are using a QuoteWerks native feature.
  • Once configured, very easy to train Users on the additional feature.

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