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Contact Manager integration solution

For use with: any SQLBase database-driven application and Swiftpage ACT!

About the User: This project was commissioned by a client who provides security solutions including guards, key holding, alarm response, mobile patrols, cameras and facility management services to a diverse range of businesses UK-wide.

Project Brief: The client uses the ‘industry standard’ Roster Manager software from Logosoft to retain details of their Sites / Site Contacts and schedule workload along with Swiftpage ACT! (previously Sage ACT!) for recording day-to-day communications and e-marketing. This way of working meant significant double-entry of information with considerable inconsistency between the databases. Our brief was to provide a solution to integrate the Roster Manager SQLBase database with Swiftpage ACT! - create and update the information in Swiftpage ACT! with the information in Roster Manager.

Contact Manager integration solution


  • Reading information (Site, Main Contact and Alternative Contact) from Roster Manager database; NOTE THAT THE SOFTWARE COULD ‘TALK’ TO ANY SQLBASE DATABASE.
  • Writing Company and Contact information to the Swiftpage ACT! database - if the Company or Contact does not exist, then they are created; the Contact is linked to the Company record.
  • The solution may be run manually or scheduled to automatically update the information in Swiftpage ACT! using Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Numerous configuration options to define the columns are shown on the User-interface grid and which fields from SQLBase are mapped to which fields in Swiftpage ACT! (amongst many other things).


  • Quick, easy and accurate update of Company and Contact information in ACT! from the data in any SQLBase database.
  • Considerable amount of time saved because Company and Contact information no longer needs to be double-entered.
  • Improved data accuracy and risk of human error eliminated through systemised solution.
  • Options for automatic execution of the application so that information can be updated regularly on a daily, hourly or other frequency scheduled basis.
  • Significant flexibility within the Configuration options to allow easy modification of settings for field mappings yourself, i.e. without having to return to us, the developer, to make changes.

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