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QuoteWerks DDI System integration

For use with: QuoteWerks v4.0 build 17 to v23.0 build 5.13

About the User: This project was commissions by a client that sells and distributes domestic and commercial boiler & water heating solutions including pumps, circulators and control devices. With a wide range of products and customers both trade and end-user, they have a huge range of appliances with very specific technical specifications and prices.

The client historically managed their pricing very manually using a range of spreadsheets and PDF price lists meaning quote generation could be a very laborious task. This led to very time-consuming process from enquiry to quote before they were able to provide their customer with a price for the project. Implementing QuoteWerks and then DDI System alongside helped in terms of being able to find accurate prices more quickly and be able to have a historic reference to prices quoted.

Project Brief: to integrate QuoteWerks with DDI System to further improve the accuracy and speed at which quotations could be produced. Using DDI system RESTful web services to retrieve Customer, Product and Quantity-specific pricing onto the QuoteWerks Document.

QuoteWerks DDI System integration (Before)

QuoteWerks DDI System integration (During)


  • A custom QuoteWerks Tools menu option to retrieve Customer, Product and Quantity-specific pricing onto the current QuoteWerks Document.
  • Calculating the Discount from list that the Customer received based on the Product and Quantity being quoted.
  • Various configuration options to set where information is placed in QuoteWerks.
  • Integration with DDI System's RESTful web services.


  • Accurate Customer pricing.
  • Significantly faster quote production.
  • Single point of maintenance for all pricing (i.e. in DDI System).

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