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QuoteWerks PO Tracking

For use with: QuoteWerks v4.0 build 17 to v23.0 build 5.13

About the User: This project was commissioned by a client who distributes promotional products and branded merchandise to businesses throughout the UK. As part of any given order for goods, the items on the order may have to be passed through several different Suppliers - the plain product supplier, a printer, embroiderer and/or engraver, and potentially a third supplier to package the item(s) for end customer delivery.

The client had used QuoteWerks for many years and although they had been managing with tracking the Supplier Purchase Orders, in an expanding business they wanted a more robust and systematic solution for this.

Project Brief: To develop an add-on for QuoteWerks which would expand and compliment QuoteWerks’ ‘out of the box’ features to allow Users to track Purchase Orders with Suppliers more accurately and efficiently.

QuoteWerks Supplier Order Tracking utility

QuoteWerks Supplier Order Tracking utility email


  • Multiple granular steps to tracking the Supplier Purchase Order completely and accurately.
  • Logging of changes made as the Order progresses through the overall process.
  • Semi-automated emails from templates to chase the Customer and Supplier at appropriate times through the process.
  • Automated emails from templates to Customers and Suppliers to update them on the order status and/or chase them for an update on their progress.
  • The ability to link in various document types to the Order for easy reference such as artwork and proofs.
  • ‘Traffic light’ visual indicators to represent whether an Order is on schedule or not.
  • Dashboard reporting on Orders received, despatched, awaiting artwork sign-off, etc.
  • Various configuration settings to set up details of the QuoteWerks database, email templates, etc.


  • An easy to understand, comprehensive view of an order displaying relevant details with a clear picture of the Order Status.
  • System-led progression for the User through the Supplier Purchase Order process.
  • Inclusion of the ConnectIt QuoteWerks Email add-on means that automated emails could be set up for other customer, supplier and/or internal email requirements, such as reminders for suppliers to confirm delivery details or distribution of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) information to internal managers.
  • Complete date/time-stamped logging of all actions taken by Users on a particular Order.
  • Users work seamlessly between QuoteWerks and the integration utility.
  • Highly flexible and expansive configuration options so that modifications may be made without the need to redevelop the solution.

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