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Automatic Email Scheduling utility

For use with: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

About the User: This project was commissioned by a client who provides tools for and information on the promotional gifts industry.

Project Brief: To dynamically send emails using content from a blog and SQL Server Reporting Services reports on a scheduled basis via Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Automatic Email Scheduling utility


  • Collating articles from a blog of various types into an HTML email with headlines and links to the original article.
  • Collating the list of recipients from Contacts in MSCRM.
  • Attaching customer-specific PDF reports created via SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Sending the email and recording in MSCRM Contact History.
  • Scheduled for overnight processing.


  • Saves significant manual effort collating the articles, links, reports and list of recipients.
  • Ensures a standard, consistent email format.
  • Overnight schedule minimises server resource requirements during working hours.
  • Increased traffic to websites and blogs through the easy-to-read summary email.
  • Increased engagement of customers by providing relevant and informative information on a regular basis.

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