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For use with: ‘any’ Windows software application.

About the User: This project was commissioned as a sub process to the online document signing solution we developed for a client who hires out large industrial construction equipment to private building contractors (details here).

Project Brief: In order to make the contract sign-off process much easier for their customers and not have to rely on paper records, the aim of the project was to make the process electronic. The client uses a Microsoft Access-based system to manage their customer list, equipment hire bookings and semi-automated the process of sending the contract document for signature in RTF format. While some of the online electronic document signing solutions offered conversion as part of the process, the chosen SimpleSign solution did not. We therefore developed a solution for converting RTF files into PDF format ourselves which could also be used as a stand-alone application in its own right.


  • A single click to auto-generate the contract in RTF format and convert it to PDF.
  • Support for other document types (Microsoft Word DOC & DOCX, HTML and any plain text file format - TXT, CSV, TAB, INI, etc.)
  • Potential for also merging other document types into a single PDF.
  • Potential for adding watermarks, headers and footers to the created or merged PDF.


  • Creating non-editable documents.
  • Electronic document storage in a widely supported file format.
  • Taking multiple files and merging into one for easier and more complete document delivery.

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