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QuoteWerks Optional Item Import utility

For use with: QuoteWerks v4.0 build 17 to v23.0 build 5.13

About the User: This project was commissioned by a client who manufactures and sells standard and bespoke office furniture. The nature of the products which they produce is that there are many alternative component parts within a finished item.

Project Brief: To compliment the standard out-of-the-box features which allow the User to import a list of Products into a Product database source, the requirement was to create a utility which will enable them to also import Optional Items.

QuoteWerks Optional Item Import utility


  • Selecting and reading a CSV file which contains the Header and Optional Item list. (This could easily be converted to support Excel or other spreadsheet file type.)
  • Validating and then importing the Header / Optional Item combinations into the QuoteWerks database.
  • Configuration options to tailor which fields are used to specify the Header Product Code plus any number of Optional Item Codes.
  • Configuration options to set the Attributes and Quantity that should be applied to the Optional Item Codes.
  • Support for QuoteWerks Standard, Professional and Corporate edition databases (i.e. Microsoft Access or SQL Server).


  • Considerable time-saving as compared to manually creating the Optional Items lists.
  • Easy to import and re-import if Optional Items aren’t immediately set as you might like.
  • The utility seamlessly runs from the QuoteWerks Tools menu so the User experience is that they are using a QuoteWerks native feature.
  • Once configured, very easy to train Users on the additional features.

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