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For use with: ‘any’ Windows software application.

About the User: This project was commissioned by a client who hires out large industrial construction equipment to private building contractors. This includes delivery of the equipment to site where a hire period may be just a couple of days or several months. The business process involves contracts to cover equipment specification, terms of hire and insurance cover details which had historically been signed off by email or post.

Project Brief: In order to make the contract sign-off process much easier for their customers and not have to rely on paper records, the aim of the project was to make the process electronic. The client uses a Microsoft Access-based system to manage their customer list, equipment hire bookings and semi-automated the process of sending the contract document for signature in RTF format. We looked at various document signing solutions (namely AdobeSign, DocuSign and SimpleSign) and having verified that all could potentially provide the solution finally selected SimpleSign based on price.


  • A single click to auto-generate the contract and send it for electronic signature to the customer.
  • Converting the RTF format file to PDF.
  • Uploading the PDF to SimpleSign for signature. (This module could easily be replaced for AdobeSign or DocuSign compatability.)
  • Auto-generation of an email notification to the customer that the contract is ready for signature.
  • Email notifications when the customer views and signs the document (via SimpleSign functionality).
  • Retrieving the status of the document signing process at any time.
  • Downloading a copy of the signed document at any time.


  • Overall a significantly quicker and more efficient sign-off process.
  • Formal legally binding contracts from the online document signing solution.
  • Customers can sign documents from anywhere without the need for a printer and scanner or fax.
  • A more professional approach to the business process.
  • All documents stored electronically online for future referencing as required.

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