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For use with: Microsoft Access, SQL Server or ‘any’ other database

About the User: We’ve created bespoke reports for several different clients - mainly reporting from Microsoft CRM, QuoteWerks, Sage 200 or Sage CRM databases, but the principles could be applied to more-or-less ‘any’ database.

Project Brief: While tools that come out-of-the-box with applications these days are usually incredibly good for meeting most businesses reporting requirements, sometimes they can't quite do everything. There are various generic reporting tools available that can be applied, but sometimes these are quite technical and may require knowledge of the database structure and/or quering languages which aren’t always an average user’s strength. Clients have typically come to us with the requirement that they just want a few core reports that they can run easily based on a few parameters to display the information on a website or draw the data into Excel for analysis.


  • Comprehensive summary business intelligence reporting.
  • Reports generated from one (or number of) different application database sources.
  • Information displayed to a website which is automatically refreshed every 30 seconds (used in a sales office on a big screen to monitor sales reps performance).
  • Information drawn into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis, graphing, etc.


  • Simple interfaces to allow reports to be produced with just a few clicks.
  • Business intelligence information from your data.
  • Producing reports that aren’t possible just using the applications out-of-the-box reporting tool.
  • Producing reports across different application databases (which almost certainly can’t be produced using the applications out-of-the-box tool!).
  • Reports can be used as motivational tools in a competitive sales environment, for business performance analysis or to produce graphs for team presentations.

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