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QuoteWerks Price Uplift & Drop utility

For use with: QuoteWerks v4.0 build 17 to v23.0 build 5.13

About the User: This project was commissioned by a client who sells IT equipment and services. When building a quote for a project, they will commonly want to Uplift or Drop the Price of some Products to meet a budget.

Project Brief: Using QuoteWerks’ Price Modifier features to mark Line Item Prices up from Cost works very effectively. Once a quotation is complete, in order to enhance their Margin by Uplifting Prices or have to Drop Prices in order to meet their prospect’s budget, they wanted to be able to select several Line Items, enter the amount to Uplift / Drop the Price by and then pro-rata the amount across the selected Line Items to apply the total Price change.

The screenshots below illustrate a very simple 2-line example quotation. From the initial 30% Markup Pricing, we know that the prospect has a budget of £200K so we decide to enhance our Margin by uplifting the Line Item Prices by £200. The screenshots show before and after the Price Uplift:

QuoteWerks Price Uplift & Drop utility (before)
QuoteWerks Price Uplift & Drop utility (after)


  • Uplifting selected Line Items Selling Prices by a specified amount.
  • Dropping selected Line Items Selling Prices by a specified amount.
  • Configuration options to tailor which field is used for the Price, whether to check that the Document has been saved, number of decimal places and currency to use etc.
  • Additional 2015: now also works by uplifting or dropping the Line Items Total Selling Price as well as Unit Selling Price.


  • Considerable time-saving as compared to manually calculating the Price changes, particularly for Documents with a large number of Line Items.
  • The utility seamlessly runs from the QuoteWerks Tools menu so the User experience is that they are using a QuoteWerks native feature.

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