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ConnectIt-Workflow QuoteWerks Request For Quote (RFQ) Module manages the process of sending Request For Quote (RFQ) documents to one (or number of) Vendors to get their prices for supplying goods and services.

For goods and servies that you haven’t sourced for some time, ConnectIt-Workflow QuoteWerks Request For Quote (RFQ) Module speeds up your ability to request prices.

When Vendors return their prices, enter the values into the QuoteWerks Document and have the ability to compare quantities and prices to get the best price for you and your client.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive process and user-interfaces that help manage the Request for Quote process within QuoteWerks.
  • Quickly and easily compare the returned Vendor prices and select the best deal for you and your customer.
  • Uses QuoteWerks Purchase Order emailing to ensure that communications are tracked in your contact manager as per normal for your QuoteWerks integrated solution.
  • Straightforward to install and set up with user-friendly configuration screens and lots of options to get ConnectIt-Workflow QuoteWerks Request For Quote (RFQ) Module working for your business.

Key Features

  • Select one (or number of) Line Items on the QuoteWerks Document that you wish to request prices for.
  • Use QuoteWerks ‘out the box’ functionality to email the Request For Quote (RFQ) Documents to one (or number of) vendors to get their up-to-date prices for the requested quantities.
  • Vendor price and quantity comparison screen (very similar to the QuoteWerks Compare screen).

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